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Banjo Tooie (N64) - Single-segment 0:56:25 using Cheato - Adam Vierra

Published 2006

Single-segment speed run of Banjo-Tooie using Cheato cheats in Mayahem Temple. Availble in six different versions: DivX normal/low quality, and h.264 normal/low/high/insane quality.

Author's comments:
Nate - For capturing the run from VHS
Radix - For hosting the run
Mike89 - His speed guide helped me a bit
Dragorn - By watching his runs, I found a few tricks I could do to make the run faster.
Upsilon - Original Idea behind the run.
And various people I asked for help and advice from!

This run is quite different from Dragorn's run, here is how its done:
- To demonstrate the fastest possible time to beat the game without using an external devices or huge glitches
- Must get to the final boss and defeat her as fast as possible
- Cheats in the Code Chamber are allowed
- You do not have to collect anything, just get to the boss

The whole Idea came from Upsilon who wanted to beat the game in less than an hour, he succeeded, but I beat his time. I noticed that people thought of the idea of the boards. So I went for it. If you notice, I skip 2 levels, because I dont need to visit them in order to get inside Cauldron keep and the final boss. I didnt die the entire run (would be hard to die with honeyking on!) so I couldnt abuse deaths. I didn't abuse saves either, it's all done in 1 single segment.

Here are my Final Times:
Spiral Mountain: 2:11
Isle 'O Hags: 11:01
Mayahem Temple: 7:25
Glitter Gulch Mine: 6:07
Witchyworld: 2:45
Jolly Roger's Laggon: 2:59
Terrydactyland: 0:47
Grunty's Industries: 2:10
Hailfire Peaks: Skipped
Cloud Cuckooland: Skipped
Cauldron Keep: 21:00
Total: 56:25

There are several moves I skipped to learn. I only learned the moves that were required to get to the end.

Level specifics:

Spiral Mountain: I unfortunately got stuck with the potion that takes the longest time to defeat (Clones), so my record of 2:09 wasn't met and I got 2:11. Other than that... I'd say it went fine

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 1): Not really much to say here, but I activated the Silo in Jinjo Village on Purpose.

Mayahem Temple: This level was pretty smooth, I learned from Dragorn about getting the treble clef as Mumbo instead of Talon Trotting to it with Superbanjo on would save me some time. What i think REALLY saved me some time from Glitter Gulch Mine was grabbing the Glowbo from behind Wumba's Tent, instead of Grabbing that Glowbo in GlitterGulch Mine. I had basically a free period as the Golden Goliath, because either way, I couldn't get back to the podium in time to go back as Mumbo. At the code chamber, probably one of the four "few seconds" mistakes in the run. I tried to enter Cheato, and accidently hit the wrong letter, but I went on anyways. Probably cost me 3 seconds. This level was required because of the code chamber, Egg Aim (To enter the cheats in), Grip Grab (To get to Plateau), and Breegull Blaster (For Final Boss). The cheats I entered were Honeyking (for infinite health to help during final battle), Jiggywiggyspecial (Opens all Doors in Isle 'O Hags), and Superbanjo (Makes you walk twice as fast).

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 2): Nothing too exciting here...

Witchyworld: You notice I get shocked by the fence when trying to grab the notes. That was horrible mistake number 2. Other than that, I think I did excellent on this level, and no other big time consuming mistakes. This level was required for the Split up pads, and Banjo's Pack Whack so I could double jump over the boat in Cauldron Keep and push his button.

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 3): Yes, I made use of the activated Silo in Jinjo Village, and made a small trip to it to grab the Treble Clef and went to Plateau. Not much to say here either, was smooth, but I actually missed a note nest in front of Honey B's, but I couldnt go back, I needed to save time.

Jolly Rogers Lagoon: Probably the smoothest level of all. I didnt even need mumbos help thanks to honeyking! A trick I did to gain extra notes was go as Talon Torpedo and poked the squid or whatever in the eye to get the treble clef. I once had to restart because I forgot to activate the warp pad in the Town Center and had to swim all the way back. Level was required for Talon Torpedo so I could break the boulder and get to wasteland.

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 4): I'm forgetting something... hmmm... OH YEAH! I forgot to do the first part to Glitter Gulch Mine. Im lucky I had enough notes for Talon Torpedo!

Glitter Gulch Mine (Pt. 1.): I actually messed up, I was supposed to do Glitter Gulch mine part 1 BEFORE Jolly Rogers Lagoon, but that only added like 2 seconds to the Isle 'O Hags. The only reason I'm in here is this time is to collect notes. If I didnt, I wouldnt have enough notes for Springy Shoes in Terrydactyland. And plus, the Turbo Trainer shoes REALLY helped here, so I could just zoom through the level and grab all the notes. I accidentally activate Talon Torpedo underwater after getting the Turbo Trainers, only added like 2 seconds. I didnt go to Mumbo's Just yet because I'd have to go there anyways to Levitate chuffy, and I havent gotten to Gruntys industries yet, so there was no point to go the same area twice.

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 5): Ok were back on track here. Klungo was being sneaky and I couldn't hit him right away for some reason, but I still managed to beat him in a reasonable time.

Terrydactyland: The fastest and shortest level of the Bunch. Grab the notes by the river, grab the notes by the station, Learn Springy Shoes, then leave. Done perfectly. I needed this level to get the shoes or else I couldnt get to Quagmire

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 6): Went to Grunty's Industries with the Springy Shoes, what else can I say?

Grunty's Industries (Pt. 1.): All I really did was push the switch and leave. I was thinking for a second I should get the treble clef, but I had to restart a run once because I just couldnt get the egg up there! I paused for a quick second to see how many notes I had, and how many I could get, and I had just enough.

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 7): Went back to Glitter Gulch mine, nothing else.

Glitter Gulch Mine (Pt. 2.): I grabbed the rest of the notes on this level. I actually used the Turbo Trainers to just activate the warp pad near the train station so Mumbo wouldnt have to walk there, and I think that saved some time. Old King Coal went pretty smooth, and I took the Chuffy to Grunty's Industries... The level was needed because I couldnt get to Grunty's Industries without Chuffy!

Grunty's Industries (Pt. 2): The Tintops really delayed me here, it was right in front of a note I wanted, and it just wouldn't get it. And I needed 25 notes (all the notes in floor 1) to get Claw Clambers, so I didnt have a choice. I took a small detour as you can see to get the 10 notes on that ledge. Opened the door and exited... I needed this level to get the Claw Clamber boots so I could get to Cauldron Keep.

Isle 'O Hags (Pt. 8): My last visit to the over world of this game. Use the Claw Clambers to get to Cauldron Keep.

Cauldron Keep: Alright, this is It. I had trouble getting through the laser grid thing which cost me quite a few seconds, but I managed to get in. Klungo was easy. I shot that Clockwork Kazooie egg on purpose actually while he was throwing potions, another small "Free period". The reason for this was when you shoot your first clockwork, Jamjars DISABLES your movement, and says "To control it use..." text until you exit the text. I made a huge mistake last time. During the part of the boss battle where your supposed to go in the digger with Clockwork Kazooie, Grunty says some text like "I need to go to the repair shop". Usually you can move while she says that, but I could not, and I had no idea what was up. Then Jamjars comes up and says "To control..." and I exited the text. It was too late and the digger started moving again and I had to wait for another round to finish just to destroy the first battery. Quiz was no problem what so ever. I chose the Blue Eggs because they were the fastest ones to fire, and I really didnt care if I got hurt or not due to Honeyking. I didnt do any big screw ups this time, and thus, the game ended, and I got this record.

I hope you enjoy the run, because I had a great time making it.

Run time 1:05:52
Producer Adam 'Coolboyman' Vierra
Audio/Visual sound, color


Captured by <a href="">Nate</a>.


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